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Light Refused is a powerful short film that explores the psychological trauma experienced by a woman who was sexually assaulted and her journey to seek help. This film highlights the inadequacies of the current system and its lack of support for victims of sexual violence. It portrays the emotional and psychological process of dissociation, which is a form of coping with the trauma.


With an intense and compelling storyline, Light Refused is a must watch. We hope that this film will help to raise awareness and encourage critical conversations about this issue.


In May 2023, shooting for a short feature film on the extremely difficult topic of rape and its consequences for victims in our society began in Krakow. The idea for the film was born by the screenwriter and director somewhere between women's strikes in Poland, dramatic accounts of war crimes in Ukraine and the tightening of abortion laws around the world. A universal topic, long kept silent and marked by a taboo, yet touching people next to us, neighbours, co-workers and friends on a daily basis.

The film is created thanks to the huge commitment of people who believed in the story of the girl-symbol and believed in the fact that it's possible to bring about systemic changes that will ensure our safety and dignity.

The film aims to increase public awareness of the problem and is currently being implemented for non-profit.


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