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Weronika Frycz

Writer / Director

Weronika is a Graduate of Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing at the University of Edinburgh, College of Art 

As a director she is deeply intrigued by metaphysical issues, always looking for unsettling stories from forgotten corners of the world.
Having spent most of her adult life abroad, she finds herself specifically drawn to untold stories of Eastern Europe region. 
She brings an outsider's perspective and the heart of the insider. 

Weronika Frycz.jpg

Watch the film followed by
a virtual livestream Q&A with the director Weronika Frycz

Cast & Crew

Piotr Łukasiak


Tomek Malinowski

Sound Designer

Oliver Harris

Music Composer

Greg Zemelka



Katarzyna Bińko

Anna Bondaruk

Krystyna Lisowska

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